About fermentation broth, enzymes, vinegar

<1>The difference between fermentation liquid, enzyme, and vinegar
Recent popular on the Internet, as long as the crown on the enzyme name merchandise, with a total weight loss, helping intestine detoxification, slimming, adjusting the stomach and intestine, and so the effect of the adjustment link together again so that people feel very healthy eating enzymes. In addition to buying enzyme-related products, online videos and articles began to show a lot of tutorials on teaching homemade fruit enzymes. So what is the difference between the three?

The enzyme is a macromolecular biocatalyst that accelerates various chemical reactions in the body. Almost all metabolic processes in cells are inseparable from enzymes, which accelerate the rate at which various chemical reactions take place in these processes so that the substances and energy produced by metabolism can meet the needs of the organism. The human body can produce its own enzymes, but as the age grows, the enzymes will gradually decrease. After the age of 20, the enzyme produced by the human body will drop by 13% every ten years.
Enzymes can be broadly classified into three categories: "enzymes in natural foods", "digestive enzymes" and "metabolizing enzymes". Enzymes in foods will deactivate enzyme activity if they are heated and conditioned, so raw fruits and vegetables are the main sources of food enzymes. Digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes can be produced by the body.
In Japanese kanji, the fermentation liquid is also called "enzyme", so it is commonly known as the fermentation liquid as an enzyme liquid drink.
The fermentation liquid is made of fruits and vegetables as raw materials and is fermented by microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, and acetic acid bacteria to produce probiotic metabolites and nutrients beneficial to the human body.
We know that the wine can obtain vinegar after the action of acetic acid bacteria, and then add acid-resistant microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria to continue fermentation, and finally, the fermentation liquid can be obtained, so the fermentation liquid and vinegar are in taste and nature. The above is relatively similar, usually, the fermentation time of vinegar is shorter, and the beneficial substances produced by microbial fermentation will be less than that of the fermentation liquid.
<2> What is the fruits and vegetables fermentation liquid? What are the benefits?
"Fruit and Vegetables Fermentation Extract" is old fruits and vegetable extract. The fruits and vegetables are fermented by microorganisms for a long time, which will produce Probiotic effects and the Biogenic effect.
The fermentation process of the fermentation liquid is fermented by inoculating the bacterium on the substrate. The probiotic effect is added to the bacteria during the fermentation process, such as lactic acid bacteria, probiotics and yeasts. The probiotics are supplemented by diet and probiotics after fermentation. The metabolites of the bacteria enter the human intestines and help the intestines maintain a healthy state. In addition, during fermentation, microorganisms decompose metabolites after fruits and vegetables, such as free amino acids, vitamins, aminobutyric acid, linseed oleic acid, etc. These nutrients are present in the fermentation liquid and can be promoted after being taken into the human body. To achieve the adjustment of body and supplement nutrition, this is the biological effect!
The health value of the fermentation liquid lies in the matrix of the fermented products and the added strain, so the effect of the fermentation liquid is more obvious than that of the enzyme, and the human body is more easily absorbed.
What is the best time to drink the fermentation liquid? Because the purpose of drinking the fermentation liquid is not to replace the body's own enzymes, the fermentation liquid can be regarded as a concentrated vegetable juice for daily consumption, but because it contains bacteria, the nutritional value of the fermentation liquid is higher than that of the ordinary vegetable juice. Modern people are busy and stressed, and may cause many "civilized diseases". It is very suitable for supplementing fermentation broth to help regulate physiological functions and promote metabolism.
In short, when you drink the "fruits and vegetable fermentation extract", you will drink the "fruits and vegetables concentrate nutrient solution", which contains beneficial bacteria, dietary fiber, and nutrients, etc., which can promote the absorption of nutrients in the body's intestines and adjust. When the nutrient intake is sufficient, it can promote bowel movements, intestinal peristalsis, and immunity improvement!
Because of the many benefits of fermentation liquid, many people use their own fruits or vegetables DIY to make their own vegetables and fruits fermentation liquid. However, during the fermentation process, various environmental factors are quite varied. From the species, raw materials, manufacturing processes, food containers to the preservation environment, and the final flavor adjustment, each link contains many small details and required expertise. The self-brewed fermentation broth may hide the food safety problem, including the control of sanitary conditions, the inability to filter by-products that are harmful to the human body due to fermentation, and the generation of bad microorganisms during the fermentation process, so that eating problems are more worthwhile. Therefore, compared with homemade, it is possible to choose a fermented liquor drink that has been selected through professional technology, strict processing, strict quality control, process control, food labeling process, and implementation of back-end inspection. The possibility of food safety is safer to eat and at the same time embrace health.
Because the nutritional value of the fruit fermentation broth still comes from the original nutrients of fruits and vegetables, such as phytochemicals, vitamins, and so on.
For example, there are thousands of phytochemicals, which are present in various vegetables and fruits, giving fruits and vegetables a variety of colors. Therefore, the more vivid the fruit, the more phytochemicals it contains.
Phytochemicals are originally immune and resistant to plants.
The function of oxidation and self-protection has the same effect after entering the human body.
Phytochemicals can protect against oxidation, regulate the immune system and hormones in the human body, and have antibacterial, antiviral, and stimulating activities of detoxifying enzymes in the body.
The fruit fermentation liquid, after fermenting the fruits, concentrates the minerals and vitamins of various fruits and vegetables into the nutrients needed by our body and converts the good sugars and proteins into oligosaccharides and peptides.
The functional activity of the body, these are ingredients that are good for our body! It also helps to increase the rate of enzyme synthesis in the body.
<3> Which raw materials are used in the vegetables and fruits fermentation liquid of Taiwan Enzyme Village? What         
        nutrients are contained?

Taiwan Enzyme Village adheres to the spirit of local management. The raw materials are selected from Taiwan's raw materials for fruits and vegetables, which are divided into five categories:
    (1) Fruits and vegetable rhizome
    (2) Fruits and vegetables leafy vegetables
    (3) Whole grains
    (4) Fruits
    (5) Chinese medicines
In the above five categories, after adding probiotics, the seeds are fermented, and then mixed and fermented according to the ratio, so that you can harvest a variety of plant nutrients from different sources.