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Congrats! 2023Chiayi County Government Awarded Enzyme Village - Carbon Footprint Logo Press Conference -

【Congrats!】 Taiwan Enzyme Village
Carbon Footprint Award Press Conference ended successfully!

Tiny seeds can grow into huge trees
The accumulated "footprints" can become the cornerstone to protect the world

(Source / Photo by Taiwan Enzyme Village)

【The Birth of the Carbon Footprint Label】
Carbon Footprint Label
Also known as CarbonLabel or Carbon Emission Label

The Carbon Trust, established by the UK government in 2001, launched the Carbon Reduction Label in 2006, the world's first carbon label.
Through the implementation of the carbon label system, it can make the source of carbon emissions of products at all stages transparent, encourage enterprises to adjust their products with higher carbon emissions, and also promote the correct use of products by consumers, so as to achieve the maximum benefit of reducing the carbon emissions of products.

(Source / Designed by Taiwan Enzyme Village)

【Carbon Footprint Label Total Advantage】
Taiwan Enzyme Village has long been purchasing a variety of fresh crops from local farmers in various seasons and fermenting them with Japanese fermentation technology, without adding a drop of water and producing chemical residues. It is a pollution-free green industry.

With the idea of " eco-friendly" and "continuous innovation", and in line with the international trend of net zero, Enzyme Village has taken practical actions to upgrade the green industry and carry out comprehensive carbon reduction planning, passing the ISO14064 corporate carbon inventory and ISO14067 product carbon footprint, and passing the carbon footprint label in 2023!
The international wave of carbon reduction is inevitable and fierce, but it also brings comprehensive optimization and opportunities for enterprises.

▼Taiwan Enzyme Village has implemented the above-mentioned carbon reduction plan step by step and has shown a number of advantages in its business operation

(Source / Designed by Taiwan Enzyme Village)

【Looking ahead-Taiwan Enzyme Village Future Net Zero Plan】

(Source / Designed by Taiwan Enzyme Village)

After a comprehensive carbon inventory, the next stage of carbon reduction is expected to be achieved by integrating the concept of "circular economy".
At the press conference, TEV shared the Circular Economy Diagram.
Currently, there are experimental projects in both the biological and industrial cycles:
>We collaborated with DOT design to develop a carbon reduction packaging concept for enzyme pomace reuse - paper plastic mold.
>We also cooperate with the Earthworm Sustainable Enterprise, to use the freshly fermented wet fruit residue as earthworm feed, which will produce an environmentally friendly soil nutrient supplement.
>Moreover, in the past, Enzyme Village has successfully developed organic fertilizer made from fruit pomace, which is also a practical application of the recycling concept and has been given to farmers and academic institutions many times.

(Source / Photo by Taiwan Enzyme Village)

The press conference not only introduced the concept of circular economy and the five steps of carbon neutral implementation but also shared the United Nations "2030 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs" and ESG concept;
In 2022, Enzyme Village has already set up a revitalization program/new product release in cooperation with local lotus root farmers to actually implement the ESG concept, and also focus on goals 12 and 13 in the SDGs concept.

(Source / SME Environmental Information Website)

April 14
Chiayi County Government Carbon Footprint Joint Award Press Conference was held at Evergreen Cultural Park Hotel (Chiayi)

【Thanks to the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Chiayi County Government, and Chiayi County Environmental Protection Office for their recognition】
Taiwan Enzyme Village became the first major food company in Chiayi County to obtain the carbon footprint label for vegetable and fruit fermentation liquid.
We wish that enterprises will move forward together and achieve outstanding results  in the net-zero carbon century

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