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Esmomho Fermentation Liquid 750ml*1入

  • Esmomho comprehensive vegetable and fruit liquid enzyme

    Commodity name: Comprehensive vegetable and fruit fermentation broth at the beginning of the day
    Capacity: 750ml ± 5% x 1 bottle
    Applicable objects: Suitable for all ages, vegan
    Dosage and Usage: Drink every morning and evening, drink one cup each time (the complimentary cup; 30cc); you can also add five times the amount of water (the water temperature needs to be below 40 degrees Celsius), and drink after diluting.
    Preservation method: Avoid sunlight, upside-down or violent shaking. After opening, please drink as soon as possible.
    After opening, if it condenses to form a turbid sediment, it is a fermentation effect and will not affect the quality
    Shelf life: two years (after opening, please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight)