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2020-05-04  1977

Oolong tea grown up with enzymes

Taiwan Enzyme Village has been devoted to the enzyme industry for decades. It strictly selects Taiwan agricultural products as raw materials and insists on manufacturing in Taiwan. It not only produces enzyme drinks, but also combines enzymes with Alishan Alpine Tea to exclusively produce enzyme oolong tea.
The chairman of Taiwan Enzyme Village Zheng Buyuan (picture left) and the head of Xiangfa Tea Industry Jian Yuzhou (picture right) use enzyme fertilizer to produce enzyme oolong tea. Figure / Provided by Taiwan Enzyme Village
The chairman of Taiwan Enzyme Village, Zheng Buyuan, has been deeply involved in the cultivation process of tea farmers for many years, from planting to fertilization, harvesting, fermentation, baking, etc. Unlike ordinary high mountain tea, we use fermented pomace as fertilizer and pomace as medium, The tea tree can fully absorb the nutrients such as amino acid and protein in the enzyme fertilizer, and plant better quality tea with thicker tea stems. Enzyme oolong tea not only has the nutrients of natural enzyme fertilizer, but also matches with high-quality ingredients such as catechins, theaflavins, thearubins, and brown tea factors in the tea.
Taiwan Enzyme Village exclusively produces enzyme oolong tea, suitable for gifts for personal use. Figure / Courtesy of Taiwan Enzyme Village
Mr. Jian Yuzhou, the person in charge of Xiangfa Tea Industry, said that after years of tea-making experience, tea grown from natural enzyme fertilizers is significantly thicker than normal tea, and the stems and stems of the tea are also thicker. The time of sunlight withering can double, Produce tea leaves with better quality and higher catechins content. Through professional tea making and roasting tea technology, the catechins can be converted into more theaflavins, thearubins and brown catechins, a unique method Create a unique enzyme oolong tea.
Tea is rich in nutrients and has a certain effect on human health. Tea-drinking culture is not only integrated into everyone's life, it is also a must for home, and it has also become an important supporting role in social interaction. The natural enzyme fertilizer and Alishan Alpine Oolong Tea are perfectly combined to stimulate healthy and healthy products, making Enzyme Oolong Tea the most special and Sincere gift is preferred.