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2020-06-19  1110

Splashing Safety Promotion

【Splashing Safety Promotion】
The arrival of the hot summer
In order to ensure the safety of people's lives, strengthen the promotion of the concept of preventing drowning.
The fire brigade of Minxiong Township conducted a rescue boat operation search and rescue drill in Enzyme Village, Taiwan on 6/19 (Fri) afternoon
Operate field drills for throwing rope guns, torpedo buoys, and lifebuoys. Through the drills, the police and the consumer will be more familiar with the equipment operation experience, and the firefighters' ability to rescue drowning accidents will be improved.
Special thanks to the hard work of the Minxiong Fire Bureau.
※The following are five steps to save drowning, please remember:
Five steps to save drowning:
1. Call: Call for help.
2. Call: Call 119, 118, 110, 112.
3. Stretching: use extensions (bamboo poles, branches, etc.).
4. Toss: throw floating objects (balls, ropes, bottles, etc.).
5. Paddling: paddling with large buoys (ships, lifebuoys, driftwood, lifesaving buoys, etc.)
☆ Warm little ding:
1. Parents, please pay more attention to the children in your home, and don't let children run near drains, pools and dangerous waters to avoid danger.
2. The paddling location needs to be legal, with life-saving equipment and personnel.
3. Do not play pranks in the water, do not make dangerous behaviors, and do not dive.
4. Don't place orders, always pay attention to the status and position of your companions.
5. Pay attention to the meteorological report.