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2021-06-07  523

"Protect our Family" charity charity activity

"Protect our Family"
Taiwan Enzyme Village donated to Puzi Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
800 bottles of enzyme drink and 200 enzyme cleansing soaps

The rise of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread to Taiwan, and Taiwan’s three-level alert has been postponed for two weeks to June 28. Medical staff are not afraid of the virus and work hard to protect the people of Taiwan. Taiwan Enzyme Village is a local enterprise located in Minxiong, Chiayi, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. At this moment of severe epidemic, it supports the hard-working medical staff and donated 800 bottles of early-day comprehensive fruit and vegetable enzyme drinks and 200 hand-made enzyme cleansing soaps for comfort. Frontline medical staff of Puzi Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Chiayi County are fighting the epidemic together.