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2021-12-10  5385

“Carbon Sequestration” Don't let the golden rice fields disappear

The mother of the earth was silent and gradually withered.
It is urgent to protect the land where we were born

You know what?
There is one-quarter of the world's organisms live in the soil, while this moment, one-third of the land has been degraded.
If carbon dioxide, the gas in the atmosphere that has the highest impact on the global greenhouse effect, has changed into a "fertile" standard when it is in the land, why don't we store carbon dioxide in the land?

Taiwan’s farmland, which accounts for 20% of the country’s total area, has low organic carbon content due to congenital deficiency and acquired disorders. When the land becomes barren, and the golden rice fields with wheat fragrant disappear, how should we survive?

Hidden treasure, organic carbon vs. inorganic carbon
Carbon dioxide in the air is a kind of inorganic carbon, but the carbon in the land is a kind of precious organic carbon which is dioxide by plants.

*“Carbon-rich soil can grow healthy crops, and the land is more fertile”

The best way to protect the environment and soil is to slow down the carbon return to the atmosphere. Make the carbon in the air and soil into a new-balanced proportion, return the carbon footprint to zero, and the land will naturally present a high carbon storage ecology. Pursuing "from the soil, back to the soil"!

Revival of vitality, "carbon fixation" is the best way!
Taiwan’s annual output of organic waste is about 20 million metric tons, of which agricultural waste is about 6 million metric tons per year. There is only 49% of agricultural is composted, showing that most of the organic waste is not properly treated and reused.
A large amount of agricultural organic waste is a hidden treasure, which can bring nutrients to the land and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the land. However, If you use the wrong method, you will not only fail to achieve the original purpose but also fail to form a truly perfect green cycle!

*“Burning or burying agricultural organic waste is very harmful to the earth;
  The way which can slowly release the carbon dioxide stored in the agricultural organic waste will be the best way.”

On the earth, it takes about 500 years to produce 2.5 cm thick soil, but precious natural resources are destroyed by people under their feet. There are tens of billions of bacteria and millions of types of microorganisms in 10 grams of soil. Regrettably, according to United Nations statistics, one-third of the world’s soil is degraded, and about 24 billion metric tons of soil are lost every year. The soil is silent, making people almost forget its existence and importance.
In Taiwan Enzyme Village, the transformation of enzyme slag into gold,
greening the environment, and agricultural regeneration is not just a problem for farmers, but also a goal that companies and everyone can work together.
In order to reduce chemical fertilizers, implement the "Carbon Sequestration Plan"! The Enzyme Village not only allows a large number of fruits and vegetables that are full in the season but over-produced and cannot be sold, but also transformed from crops into treasures of fermentation broth. It also puts the remaining enzyme residue at the end of the production into a part of the green ecology to make solid products. Carbon organic fertilizers, micro-enzymes, watch this piece of land in Taiwan, farmers in Taiwan, and fruits and vegetables in Taiwan, and extend this concept and the environmental cycle inside and outside the body to the world!

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"Carbon fixation" is the best way! "
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