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Let this touching story continue to “ ferment”! Free movie festival《 Eagle's Hand》

The story of our hometown is internationally famous now!
Let this touching story continue to “ ferment”! Free movie festival《 Eagle's Hand》

《 Eagle's Hand》
Won the 2021 Cannes World Film Festival
★ Best Documentary
★ Best Cinematography
★ Best Female Directo

Free movie festival《 Eagle's Hand》
Story of Chiayi X In Taiwan Enzyme Village
(Lijun Lai, Jiaru Peng's latest masterpiece/music by teacher Lin Qiang, winner of six Golden Horse Awards)

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●Still photo of 《Eagle's hand》. The picture is transferred from the "Eagle's hand" fundraising website.

《憫農》 唐 李紳
鋤禾日當午,汗滴禾下土。Chú hé rì dāngwǔ, hàn dī hé xià tǔ.
誰知盤中飧,粒粒皆辛苦?Shuí zhī pán zhōng cān, lì lì jiē xīnkǔ.

*The poem depicts a picture of the peasants working in the field, telling people that the food on the table does not come by easily, which shows the poet's compassion towards the peasants who work hard all year round despite the hardship and lousy weather.

Delicious food fills people with hope and happiness, but when we report on restaurants, praise chefs, and be fascinated by the food under the camera, how many think of the uncultivated land and those unsung heroes - farmers in Taiwan? 

There is a group of people whose farming is called "the spiritual root of Taiwan". Their hands are like "eagle's claws".
Because of their love for the land and their dedication to planting, they insisted on using their hands instead of raking, digging into the water, and carefully digging out the lotus roots buried in the mud. Day after day, year after year, the farmers' hands are deformed, their knuckles are bent, their fingers are swollen, their fingernails are stuck with black dirt that cannot be washed off, and finally, their wrinkled hands look just like eagle's claws.

Director Lai Lijun was shocked by these hands and decided to record this story in her hometown (Chiayi), the story of the lotus root.

When they were invited to the dinner party, they dare not reach for food.
“My hands were very strange, I felt embarrassed.”
“those hands were great hands who worked hard to support a family, It's not ugly at all, it's the hands of an eagle.”

 “ An iron sleigh can only be used for three years, but these eagle hands have been used for forty years.“
Planting lotus roots is his hope of living. His aged-body guards the light, guards the fields, and guards the roots of his hometown."

During the interview, chairman Zheng Buyuan of Taiwan enzyme village shared the original intention of holding this event:
"Taiwan has too many unknown beauties. We are called the fruit Kingdom, but there are a lot of precious fruits and vegetables that are scarce after the festival. We have always used the most energetic fresh fruits and vegetables as materials to produce healthy and delicious enzymes, selling for people in Taiwan and also around the world.”

"The long-term concept of Taiwan Enzyme Village is to" promote local, support and cherish the local value ".

 All kinds of farming are treasures, which not only need to be paid attention to but also need to be cherished and used flexibly. These concepts coincide with the message conveyed by the movie 《Eagle's hand》. This time, to contribute to the community, we invite the public to participate for free. And we hope people in Chiayi can see the extraordinary of Taiwan, which was hidden around us in the past and now has been affirmed by the world. 

Let the voice of farmers return to Taiwan and continue to “ferment”!

Support local, discover the beauty of hometown
Taiwan Enzyme Village X Eagle's Hand

—Taiwan Enzyme Village
uses the most seasonal Taiwanese local fruits and vegetables to make delicious enzymes. Every drop of craft brew contains endless vitality. The products are exported to five continents. Let the world see Taiwan.

—Eagle's Hand
Thanks for director Lijun Lai, Jiaru Peng. Let the buried eagle spread its wings and fly.